Full Screen UHANS I8 Global Exclusive Launch on Geekbuying

The good news is that UHANS I8 is now exclusively launched on Geekbuying. What’s more, this 18:9 smartphone has also joined the Black Friday promotion.

UHANS Max 2 First OTA Update with Big Improvements

Given the success of the UHANS Max 2, the company is continuously supporting it with new OTA updates. This time they worked on optimizing the display effect, camera quality and proximity sensor. What's more, Live wallpaper is also enabled now.

UHANS Max 2 and MX Has Joined the 11.11 Promotion

Thanks to the rapid expansion of Chinese commercial culture, now, customers all over the world are free to enjoy the "Chinese promotion campaign" which is called 11.11 promotion on almost all the online shopping stores. Usually, the campaign will be started from November 6th and ended in November 11th, A lot of items are on sale. UHANS Smartphone models such as UHANS Max 2 and UHANS MX are also on the list.

Full Screen UHANS MX Tailored for 3G Cellular Network Users

The tri-bezel-less UHANS MX has attracted a lot of attention no matter from the sequently reports or its debut on the Asia World Expo. Most of the guests who have attended the expo were astonished by its design, "it is actually much more eye-catching and premium than the pictures you've put on the media " someone said like that. UHANS team is proud of making UHANS MX a full screen smartphone that serves those who like the trendy design but just want 3G cellular network.

UHANS At Asia World-Expo with 5 New Smartphones

Chinese electronics manufacturers were reunited again by the Asia World-Expo in the second half year of 2017. And if you have already attended the HongKong located electronics show at Oct 18th - 21th, maybe you were surprised by those creative and trendy gadgets.

UHANS Will Bring Its 1st IP68 Smartphone K01 to Asia World-Expo

UHANS has made its first IP68 Smartphone-K01,which is the starter of KingKong series. As a rugged phone, it sports trendy design and practical features, such as lasting 5000mAh battery with fast charge system, 3GB RAM plus 32GB ROM and so on.

UHANS Mix 2 with 18:9 Aspect Ratio and Helio P30 Chipset

Today UHANS took the veil off its latest creation, the second generation bezel-less phone. And it do contain almost all the highlights you'd expect from high-end smartphone in late 2017.

UHANS Max 2 World-wide Premiere at $139.99 And Giveaway

It is thrilling to hear that the UHANS Max 2 will be globally released at 25th September. And this time Gearbest will be the exclusive partner that offers UHANS Max 2 at $139.99. If you've been looking forward to the arrival of this 6.44 inch phablet for quite a time, then it is the time to grab one.