Full Screen Smartphone UHANS MX Hands-on Video

About one month ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer UHANS declared that they are working on a bezel-less smartphone UHANS MX, which is a 5.2-inch sized smartphone that features dual glass panels. Till now, we've got the first hand real shoot and hands-on video. Therefore, if you are the fancier of full screen smartphones, then go ahead and check below.

UHANS Max 2: 4 Cameras Smartphone, 2 on Each Side

It is not rare to see a dual rear or even dual selfie camera setup on a chic smartphone, but have you noticed that 4 cameras combination are currently in vogue? We've talked about the decent gaming and video watching experience on the 6.44-inch UHANS Max 2, and today we are going to figure out what its 4 cameras setup performs?

UHANS Max 2: Immersive Gaming Experience on A 6.44” Screen

As a 6.44” “phablet”, UHANS Max 2 not only take the charge of bringing more convenience and comfort to video-watching, but also meet the demands of more flexible and immersive gaming experience.

Six Benefits you can get from giant screen UHANS Max 2

5.5-inch sized smartphone has always been the trend, but it hasn't stop the smartphones growing bigger. And it has opened a new segment called "phablet". UHANS Max 2 that features 6.44-inch screen , is the one that among the parade.

UHANS MX: High cost performance Full-screen Smartphone

Making bezel-less or full screen smartphone is the trend that manufacturers trying to catch up with. UHANS, also claimed that they have made a high price ratio full-screen smartphone which named as the UHANS MX.

18:9 Aspect Ratio UHANS i8 First Look Video

Samsung has made a great success in bring the 18:9 aspect ratio smartphones to the market, and it is a still a quite promising trend to the specialized field. UHANS, a Chinese manufacturer, follows the trend and comes up with the UHANS i8

Xiaomi Killer UHANS Note4 Kicks off with Flash Sale

Most importantly, a flash sale will be available in 7th August to 13th August. Triggered at 9am(UTC) daily, the price tag for the first 10 orders is $59.99, then the price will be jumped to $99.99 for unlimited orders.

UHANS Max 2: A Decent Phablet with 4 Cameras

Phones are turning bigger and technical parameters are up-scaled. UHANS MAX 2, a 6.5-inch phone, follows the trends tightly and makes itself a quite eye-catching gadget among the the flow of smartphones.