Xiaomi Killer UHANS Note4 Kicks off with Flash Sale

Most importantly, a flash sale will be available in 7th August to 13th August. Triggered at 9am(UTC) daily, the price tag for the first 10 orders is $59.99, then the price will be jumped to $99.99 for unlimited orders.

UHANS Max 2: A Decent Phablet with 4 Cameras

Phones are turning bigger and technical parameters are up-scaled. UHANS MAX 2, a 6.5-inch phone, follows the trends tightly and makes itself a quite eye-catching gadget among the the flow of smartphones.

Android 7.0 New Features on UHANS NOTE 4

It is well-known that UHANS NOTE 4 is applied with Android 7.0 Nougat OS while the Redmi Note 4 is still tangle with the Android marshmallow 6.0. And today we are going to figure out what kind of New Functions will Android 7.0 bring to us on UHANS NOTE 4.

UHANS i8 Will Feature 18:9 Display and 6GB + 128GB Storage

Spare from its so-called flagship UHANS MAX 2 which sports massive battery and impressive screen, i8 is also another promising smartphone among the team.

UHANS Note 4 vs Redmi Note 4: Specs alike, but over $60 cheaper

UHANS Note 4 Xiaomi Build and Specs for $60 Less

UHANS A6 Flash Sale for $59.99(only 10pcs)

UHANS A6 Flash Sale for $59.99(only 10pcs)

UHANS Official Store Opening Promotion

UHANS Official Store Opening Promotion

UPCOMING UHANS NOTE 4 will Compete with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

As a Lone Wanderer among the UHANS inherent smartphone series, the UHANS NOTE 4 is meant to surprise you with how much it will bring to you. Offering a balance of great design, overall good performance and most significantly a long lasting battery, the smartphone is considered to be one of the best budget phones to go for even it was compared to the best-seller Redmi Note 4.