3 Reasons Why you should get the IP68 Rugged Smartphone UHANS K5000

   Aimed at manufacturing budget-friendly while high quality build smartphones, UHANS is now offering you the IP68 certified rugged smartphone UHANS K5000. What kind of highlights will it surprise you? Let’s dig it out.

1. 5000mAh massive battery assures 3 day's normal usage

UHANS K5000 adopted the Sony battery that comes with 5000mAh capacity, and according to the Video Test, with the brightness and volume turned to the max, it is still powerful to last 9 hours. Amazingly, when you use the phone for dealing with daily issues, such as game playing, video watching, online chat or GPS navigation, the phone actually last 3 days.



2.IP68 certified, super solid build

The phone is protected from total dust ingress and 1.5 meters depth of immersion up to half a hour. Meanwhile, it is strong enough to stand drops from 1.5 meters of height. which means, with rugged UHANS K5000, you are totally free from the worries of accident damages caused to the phone.



3. Various navigation tools and Walkie Talkie function

The device is equipped with international certified GPS and Glonass statellite navigation systems.  Compass, orientation sensor, accelerometer sensor, magnetic-field sensor are also set for outdoor adventure. It integrates almost all the practical tools into one. Walkie talkie function is the feature that you should not missed out, with this function you are

allowed to share the real-time information with your companions while doing wild explorations



   UHANS K5000 is designated for people who spend a lot of time in tough environment or wild exploration. And the good news is that the device is on sale from Mar 11 to March 20, buyers can get the UHANS K5000 at $149.99 and most excitingly 10 limited PCS are available at $89.99 during March 12 to March 19. For more detail please check https://goo.gl/37yUFB