UHANS H5000 Kills iPhone 7 in Battery Battle

4500mAh battery is quite huge for smartphones, which makes a difference on day-to-day usage. You can definitely expect a good battery life for H5000 packed with such humongous capacity. And it does have a long-standing life and beats iPhone 7. 

In the battle between iPhone 7 and UHANS H5000, H5000 clearly outlasted iPhone 7 for the same usage. In the first game playing for 20 mins, the battery left on both phone were at the same percentage. After 20 mins of Micro-blog browsing, the difference began to come out. iPhone 7 still had 89% while H5000 had 91% left. Some time later, the difference became more obvious between the phones. Check the result: https://youtu.be/mVQCpxy0-QA

Power drains by time. So why not get a smartphone that drains slower? Presale of H5000 begins on Dec.5. Early orders will also include a free case and protective film with the price $109.99. 

Russian: http://bit.ly/2fHlzkX 
English: http://bit.ly/2fXSKlp 
Spanish: http://bit.ly/2gRjs2I