UHANS U300: Dare to challenge the traditional tastes

The world is full of smartphones that look more or less the same. UHANS U300 is the one that defies the tradition. 

It is the third one of UHANS "U" series after UHANS U100 and U200. U stands for Unique and explain the best out of "U is different"(UHANS Slogan). 

UHANS will stick to Unique smartphones(some people think it's weird or visually challenging)  whether people love it or hate it. There're so many out there on the market that looks so much alike and we hardly know which brand it is seeing from a distance. In a word, smartphones are so highly homogenized. Nevertheless, a mature industry should be full of diversity and allow for different aesthetic tastes. 

The design of U300 is originally inspired by Mercedes Benz. You'll not see anything cliche in this one. Seeing the big size of it, you’ll be amazed how it could be so light in weight. It only weighs 225g resulting from the light aluminium titanium alloy case and first-class leather back. Check the design difference between U300 and other smartphones: 

Phones, first of all, should be functional. UHANS U300 is such a device with considerably       powerful performance. The most outstanding feature is the long last battery life that’ll last for 2-day moderate use according to the reviewers’ and users’ feedback. Fingerprint sensor works beyond fast. 

UHANS U300 main specs: 
Full HD 5.5” display
13MP rear camera+dual flash 
Goodix fingerprint sensor 
NXP audio chip
4750mAh capacity 
5V/2A fast charge 
IP65 rugged phone (protect from rain and splash) 
Android 6.0 

Unlike most luxurious phones on the market, UHANS U300 will not cost thousands dollars in spite of expensive build material. It is budget-friendly priced at merely 199.99$. Good news is the price has dropped to 179.99$ on Aliexpress for a limited time. Check the discount: https://goo.gl/48He6s

Another hot-selling device is the UHANS A101s. 15% off now, check the link: