Meet UHANS U300, Artistic Piece Made of Time

Innovation and craftsmanship do not always meet each other. Sometimes they just walk like parallel. But this time, UHANS successfully mixes these two features into its newest device, U300 to make it the flagship of 2016. It’s a device that carries the style of Mercedes-Benz, which is distinct from any other devices on the market. To achieve that requires a lot of time in designing and

What Can You Afford with 60 Dollars

The currency rate of each country differs, which lets people well aware of the fact that we may not buy the same thing in two countries with the same amount of money. So here comes the question: what can you afford with 60 dollars in different countries? In Germany, 60 dollars equals 100 bottles of beer, coffee for a week or a meal for 2 persons. In US, a boy can buy a pair of shark wheels,

UHANS offers A 2-year warranty for global users

To most smartphone consumers, hardware and software aren’t the only concern for them. Product itself and service from the company should always go hand in hand. While some companies don’t care a shit about quality, we decide to build our brand by offering 2-year warranty to global users.     To facilitate the after-sale service, a service center app will be pre-i

UHANS S1 Pre-sale for only $139.99

If measured to perfection, the UHANS S1 is not exactly perfect, but it has put up an enough decent fight at this time when most manufacturers are rushing to release their new arrivals. It is a beautiful beast, which comes from where obsession about design and specifications meet. On April 20, this beast will be released, with such a compelling price.   Users in favor of simplicity w