Stylish and Bigger-than-ever S3 Is for Sale

    After A6 has joined the UHANS family, S3, as a successor of the S series, will also step on the stage with it stylish features.     As a smartphone with a 6.0 inch screen, it will satisfy all the needs for a big screen, such as fluent and precise game operation, theatrical film watching experience and pleasing E-reading free of frequent flip.     Compare

Everything You Want to Know about The UHANS A6 Is Here

    As the Red version iPhone and the legendary Samsung S8 were released, UHANS has continuously disclosed the main features of A (affordable) series smartphone A6. Here are the details required to figure out whether A6 is powerful and elegant as its slogan says.     The designers visualized a beauty with curvaceous stature and graceful temperament, and they have came up

A6 Joins UHANS A Series Smartphones Lineup

As a new member of the A lineup smartphones, the upcoming UHANS A6 not only inherited the common highlight of the previous versions, but also made several enhancements. The most appealing characteristics are: enlarged battery capacity and display, sensitive fingerprint sensor, and steady processor. Just like U300 and H5000, A6 does make a big improvement in battery capacity. 4150mAh battery