Salute! Nokia!-UHANS A101

How time flies. Remember the days that the best phone we owned was Nokia 3310 and if we wanted to search a direction, we had to read a paper map? Those days are gone. Nokia phones are replaced by other smartphones that have got everything in one for this digital era. For example, UHANS A101. UHANS A101 is not born to replace Nokia phones, but to give tribute to Nokia. As the company always

UHANS A101 Sports 10-Point Touchscreen

Not satisfied with your gaming experience on your phone? UHANS A101 can help you deal with that. This Nokia-tribute phone has got 10-point touchscreen, surprisingly arousing those who enjoy playing games on phones. The official Youtube channel of UHANS has posted a video of testing the display on Antutu. It confirms the statement that A101 enables 10-point touch. That said, UHANS has extend

UHANS A101 Gets the First OTA Update

UHANS’s tribute to Nokia, A101 has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. Not everything is perfect, so the first OTA upgrade has come out and fixed some bugs.  Here’s the change log:  ·Optimized the performance of rear camera ·Improved focusing issue in night shooting ·Other improvements and bug fixes There’s not much change ab

No more worries about running out of juice if you have this phone

Life is hard, especially when your phone dies. A dead phone means that you cannot even make some emergency calls or send important messages, not to mention videos, music or games. Luckily, we’ve got the cure in UHANS A101, saving you from any anxiety caused by low battery.  Power can be drained out gradually. Sometimes it is just when you’re out of somewhere, there’s

Mysterious smartphone tougher than Nokia 3310?

For most people, Nokia was a legend that produced tough phones and no other brands could beat them. It seems that this legendary has come to an end. And who’s unbeatable now? The answer is UHANS A101. Since the debut of UHANS A101, its slogan “A Tribute to Nokia” has been teased by others. Many people doubted whether this device was as tough as Nokia. To make this kind of

UHANS Introduces New Model with 5000mAh Battery Capacity

UHANS is taking a new model with high battery capacity for the “H” lineup. As the letter “H” suggests, this model will come with a very huge battery, which will be 5000mAh and named as H5000. As users becoming more and more addicted to mobile phones, battery capacity means a lot for them. Thus this H5000 will save them from the embarrassment of dying phones and end o

UHANS’s Tribute to Nokia, UHANS A101 Has Entered Mass Production

If you are looking for an entry-level phone with solid quality, then UHANS A101 may be your choice. If you happen to have ordered UHANS A101, then this will be a good news for you. Right after the beginning of presale period, UHANS A101 has entered the mass production. The manufacturing process includes over 2000 kinds of test for the phone, making sure every step to be accurate and precise

Four Hidden Features You Need to Know about UHANS A101

As an entry-level phone, UHANS A101 has met every need of your daily use including music, video, Internet browsing and others. Some hidden functions you may not know can help you better enjoy the time with A101. Let’s go for the treasure hunt. To get the smart functions, you should first head on over to Setting --> Accessibility settings and turn it on. As you can see, it has smart lig

What Can You Afford with 60 Dollars

The currency rate of each country differs, which lets people well aware of the fact that we may not buy the same thing in two countries with the same amount of money. So here comes the question: what can you afford with 60 dollars in different countries? In Germany, 60 dollars equals 100 bottles of beer, coffee for a week or a meal for 2 persons. In US, a boy can buy a pair of shark wheels,

Five Reasons Why UHANS A101 Is the Best $60 Smartphone

From the very beginning, UHANS A101 is defined as an entry-level smartphone with good quality just like Nokia, paying respect to Nokia. And indeed, it may be the best smartphone with a $60 price tag.  First of all, though it is priced at $60, the way it looks is nothing cheap. All the round corners and smooth lines make up an elegant shape. The sides of A101 curve slightly and slips softly