What Can You Afford with 60 Dollars

The currency rate of each country differs, which lets people well aware of the fact that we may not buy the same thing in two countries with the same amount of money. So here comes the question: what can you afford with 60 dollars in different countries? In Germany, 60 dollars equals 100 bottles of beer, coffee for a week or a meal for 2 persons. In US, a boy can buy a pair of shark wheels,

Five Reasons Why UHANS A101 Is the Best $60 Smartphone

From the very beginning, UHANS A101 is defined as an entry-level smartphone with good quality just like Nokia, paying respect to Nokia. And indeed, it may be the best smartphone with a $60 price tag.  First of all, though it is priced at $60, the way it looks is nothing cheap. All the round corners and smooth lines make up an elegant shape. The sides of A101 curve slightly and slips softly

Video: How to leave fingerprints on UHANS A101?

Inspired by Casa Vicens, the design of UHANS A101 is full of slight and warm curves. In order to make it more delicate, we have put two layers of rubber coating to the back cover. And it feels insanely good.     Rubber coating is also called leather coating as it feels just like leather. Unlike glossy glass and plastic which feels cold and slippery, rubber coating gives the

After rose gold, will slate gray be the new “black”?

Black has long been favored not only in the fashion history, but also in the mobile phone industry. However, it seems black is losing the dominating position. First comes rose gold that’s popularized by iphone 6s, and then we see blue is stealing the thunder when Samsung galaxy note 7 and Huawei Honor 8 made their public appearance. Classic as black is, we have decided to ditch this color

First OTA update for UHANS S1 rolls out today!

Since the launch of UAHNS S1, we’ve been collecting feedback, especially paying attention to issues and software bugs from reviewers and users. The first OTA update is going to roll out tomorrow. Here’s the change log:     Fix the issue with Google contacts sync. Improved GPS reception. Enhanced the vibration of notifications. Optimize the audio effect w

UHANS A101’s hexa-oval design Inspired by “Casa Vicens”

Antoni Gaudi left the world astonishing with so many architecture masterpieces, including the famous one “Casa Vicens” located in Barcelona. Every corner of this building is all about severe lines and angles . UHANS A101 is inspired by such a concept and want to make it the opposite.       Unlike most clean-cut designed smartphones on the market, no sharp

UHANS S1 Seckill on Geekbuying at only $109.99

This beautiful beast UHANS S1 gets much attention not only for its design, but for its performance in the past months. It was tagged at $149.99, a decent price that users can accept. Now, thanks to Geekbuying, a seckill is going to start at 10:00 a.m. (UTC), July 26th.     It is definitely a campaign you cannot miss. Only 100 pcs of UHANS S1 are provided, half of which are b

Check out these UHANS S1 photo samples

    If you wondered the photo ability of UHANS S1, well here are some samples taken by a German reviewer to share with you. Check them below and draw your own conclusions.                         I have to say that first impressions are impressive, the phot

UHANS A101: Salute to Nokia

Except for U100, U200, S1 and Balance, another new member named as A101 has joined the UHANS Party. Just as its name suggesting it, it is the first model of the “A” lineup standing for affordable smartphones and also a salute to Nokia.     Although this giant has fallen down, its scrupulous attitude in phone manufacturing and glorious sales legend still remain. I

UHANS provides good protection for S1

In daily use, it’s hard not to come across those circumstances that cause dirtiness or damage to your phones. That is to say, it is inevitable. However, you can do something to lower the ratio for UHANS S1. We’ve covered it up for you, get a tempered glass protector and silicone case FOR FREE.             How are they gonna