UHANS Is Looking for Amateur Reviewers

Yes, you hear me right. We’re looking for amateur reviewers. Many professional reviewers have been helping us to find pros and cons of S1, which we feel really grateful. Now we’d very much like to hear what ordinary consumers think about UHANS S1 so that we can perfect its imperfections as much as possible. No matter where you are, no matter how unprofessional or inexperienced, as long

UHANS S1 Boasts Goodix GF5118M Fingerprint Sensor

About two months ago, UHANS has revealed some information about the capabilities of S1’s fingerprint sensor. It’s definitely high time that we take its wraps off. Yes, let’s unveil more about the fingerprint sensor.     The technology of this Goodix GF5118M makes sure that the fingerprint sensor of UHANS S1 master both efficiency and safety. The most outsta

UHANS S1 shipped with $15 of extra accessories

Along with UHANS S1, $15 worth of extra accessories-a tempered glass screen protector andasilicone case will be included in the package, which provide good protect from drops and dirt.             Get it here: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/UHANS-S1-5-0-Inch-2-5D-HD-4G-LTE-Freeme-6-1OS-Android-6-0-3GB-32GB-Smartphone-White—-

UHANS S1 Scores 39068 in AnTuTu Benchmark Test

    The competition among smartphones is quite fierce, especially phones that come with MediaTek MT6753. Most of the time, Consumers find it hard to choose from so many similarly configurated phones.   We think maybe a test could help the decision-making easier, so here’s an AnTuTu Benchmark test with UHANS S1. It scores 39068, which ranks first as you can see

UHANS offers A 2-year warranty for global users

To most smartphone consumers, hardware and software aren’t the only concern for them. Product itself and service from the company should always go hand in hand. While some companies don’t care a shit about quality, we decide to build our brand by offering 2-year warranty to global users.     To facilitate the after-sale service, a service center app will be pre-i

Design comparison: UHANS S1 VS. Huawei P9 VS. Samsung Galaxy S7 VS. Apple iPhone 6s

Compared to Apple, Samsung and other famous brands, the name of UHANS is not quite familiar to the world, which some users may have not even heard about it. However, the newly arrival UHANS S1 is a decent design that is up-to-level with those brands. When UHANS S1, Huawei P9, Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s are put together, the comparison is not as striking as we can imagine. iPhon

UHANS S1 Unboxing

On April 20, the presale of UHANS S1 has begun. As a decent embodiment of simplicity, this beautiful beast tends to draw all the attention from users. To let you know more about UHANS S1, we’ve invited a team to do us a favor. This mission to unbox the UHANS S1 is a piece of cake for them. Let’s see what they’ve brought us. UHANS S1 is the first smartphone of the “S&r

UHANS S1 Pre-sale for only $139.99

If measured to perfection, the UHANS S1 is not exactly perfect, but it has put up an enough decent fight at this time when most manufacturers are rushing to release their new arrivals. It is a beautiful beast, which comes from where obsession about design and specifications meet. On April 20, this beast will be released, with such a compelling price.   Users in favor of simplicity w

UHANS S1 Is All about Aesthetic Simplicity

Leonardo Da Vichi once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, to which UHANS totally agrees and has thoughtfully adjusted this concept to UHANS S1. The 5.0” HD display of the UHANS S1 is swathed in a sheet of 2.5D glass, which the narrow bezels of the side gives users good reach and the pastel curves contribute to a sturdier grip. No physical home button has been p

Fingerprint Sensor of UHANS S1: Not just about Unlocking

Embedded at the back, UHANS S1 features a fingerprint sensor, making unlocking the handset as easy as touch of a fingertip. But it is definitely not the only function it boasts. So what else can it do? Thanks to Freeme OS 6.1, the fingerprint sensor of UHANS S1 is capable of controlling 6 actions. With a simple touch, you can easily utilize your fingerprint sensor tos witch to the next page