With FotoNation technology, UHANS S1 is a selfie lover’s dream phone

Quite a lot people get obsessed with taking selfies, and we expect selfies to be great.UHANS S1 can be of use to that kind of obsession. Thanks to the camera expertise FotoNation, it enables machines to magically recognizes your age, gender, skin texture and so on, beautifying faces in a natural instead of an awkward or exaggerating way. According to the company, mobile manufacturers

Gear up for the UHANS U200 Teardown

With the powerful and solid asset presenting its strength, we wonder how much power has been hidden inside of UHANS U200. So in order to cater for the curiosity of all, we’ve prepared a teardown presentation and we’d like to invite you to have a peek inside with us. Step 1: Power off the U200 and remove the back shell as well as the battery. Dismantle the 4 screws from the decorativ


UHANS S1: Beauty outside and monster inside

This model is the first one in the “S” series. “S”, coming from the last letter of “UHANS”, stands for slim and sleek. Unlike UHANS U100 and U200, which were designed to cater for the unique tastes, S1 is to fit in with your eyes and pockets. It’s a beauty outside and monster inside. Check out the specs: Processor: MT6753 Memory: 3GB RAM

UHANS U100 will come with two new colors

UHANS U100 is not designed to suit the average tastes. Since its release,we have received polarized feedback.People either love or hate it.Black is safe color,but not everyone likes it,especially for women. That’s why we decide to add  two mare colors. We have brown,champagne,pink,coral,burgundy,greenish and azure in mind.Which is your favorite? The image we show here is just

Uhans new “rose gold”product

2015 seems to be a year when all smartphone manufactures are trying out new materials lekea glass, wood,bambaoo etc.. However,all meta devices are still being missed by many users. Unlike the previously relased Uhans U100 and U200,which come with a laether back,the new Uhans smartphone will feature all metal body and has various color variants,with rose gold being in the plan. Fashion ma

Get your name laser-etched on Uhans U100 smartphone

Uhans is a newly-born brand, but we have witnessed a constant stream of  support and encouragement from our fans(U-fans). To express our gratitude, we planned a special lucky draw on Uhans official Facebook The winner will get a Uhans U100 smartphone. Sounds a cliche? Just hear me out. The gift will be made exclusively to bear a laser-carved name on the back. So the winner wil

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Uhans smartphones draw inspiration from cars

The overall design of Uhans U100 looks like a streamlined sports car, with V-shaped chin and metal ornament that looks like the wings of seagull. By contrast, Uhans U200 is more of a jeep. Some special designs that might go unnoticed are the side black straps made of fire-proof material that’s usually used on rugged phones. The retractable rubber straps at top are specially

Uhans U100 comes with top cowhide leather backcover

Uhans U100 is a seemingly luxurious smartphone with affordable price. One thing we’d like to dwell on is the material we use for the backcover, i.e., genuine cowhide leather. This type of leather is usually formed from the outermost or top part of cowhide. It contains no bonding or split hide, meaning that it is superior in quality, and is a more a expensive leather than split-grain l

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Uhans is launching the Uhans U200 pre-order campaign

As the second model from Uhans, U200 soon attracted the attention from the leading e-commerce platform–gearbest. Since the day the pre-order campaign was put on the website, Uhans U200 are liked and pre-ordered at a zooming speed. The amount of orders is far beyond our expectation. Solid and durable, Uhans U200 is built to survive all kinds of drops and scratches. It is a device that

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Uhans U100: low-tier price & top-tier workmanship

    Luxury smartphones are not meant for rich people only with the advent of Uhans U100. The U100 has a Vertu-like exterior design but costs much less. A regular Vertu phone cost thousands of dollars with extravagant materials like gold, diamond and sapphire. However, Uhans U100 is a device made for the general market. It cuts down the extravagant parts and goes for more